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The Small Cities on MTV’s Teen Mom 2

Tune in to season 5 episode 19 of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 to hear the songs “Wonder Years” and “Abraham” by The Small Cities. Congrats guys!

the small cities 01 300dpi photo by Josie St. Peter

Verskotzi on MTV’s Catfish!

Check out episode 307 of Catfish on MTV to hear the song “Diamond Ring” by Verskotzi. Pay attention when Solana talks to Nev and Max about meeting Elijah for the first time.

Princess Records signs Verskotzi!


Lemon Heart
@ ICEHOUSE  (2528 Nicollet Avenue South, Minneapolis)
$8     11pm     21+

01. Luck
02. Brain Rack
03. Heartless Songs
04. 8th Street Train
05. Burnt Yuppies
06. Honey
07. Blue
08. The Flying Piano
09. Abandoned Love
10. Diamond Ring

FCC Clean

Photography by Gretchen Burkhart
Album Art/Design by Jon Hunt
Mixed by Brent Sigmeth
Mastered by Dave Gardner

Acoustic and Rhythm Electric Guitars by Joey Verskotzi
Lead and Rhythm Electric Guitars by Izaac Burkhart
Bass by Ian Allison (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10) and by Izaac Burkhart (track 6)
Drums by Grady Kenevan (tracks 1, 3, 4, 9, 10) and by Izaac Burkhart (tracks 2, 6, 8)
Cello arrangement and performance by Dan Lawonn (track 7)
Guest Vocals by Holly Hansen of Zoo Animal (track 9)
Recorded at The Color Lounge, NE Minneapolis

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, Verskotzi is Joey Verskotzi, Izaac Burkhart, Grady Kenevan & Ian Allison. Verskotzi is releasing their new album, “Lemon Heart”, the group’s first full length record on November 2nd at Icehouse. The album was produced by Izaac Burkhart at The Color Lounge in Minneapolis. Drawing from his 60′s, 70′s & indie rock influences, Joey has crafted an album that reveals his ‘roots’ musical tastes, and depicts his issues of addiction, trust, and relying on yourself to get through and out of the valleys.

“All told the album is a nice step of maturation for Verskotzi’s songwriting. The production quality is impressive and the range of song styles is surprising. Some are stylistically more of the simple alt rock variety that is more plausible for the popular radio outlets, but what they all have is a transcendent artistic quality. What I mean is that it’s evident that this album was not written for marketing purposes. This album is an expression of Joey Verskotzi’s artistic vision. That’s a commendable achievement and a rare one indeed in today’s musical landscape. Fans of college and alt rock should give Joey a spin. Fans of the White Stripes in particular should give this an album a listen.”
-Ear to the Ground Music

“A bright, up and comer in the Minneapolis music scene.” -KARE 11/NBC

“The forthrightness of his fragile songs struck a chord with supporters and detractors alike.” -City Pages

“Toys with key changes and pure vocals in much the same way as Death Cab For Cutie.” -Leonard’s Lair Music Reviews

“Verskotzi will get his big break in the music scene soon enough.. nothing like I have heard on the radio in a long time.” -Shakefire

“Cool inventive modern pop with heart & soul… has a voice that is ultimately to die for. Verskotzi is a wonderfully entertaining up-and-coming singer/songwriter who seems to be on a sure path to success.” -babysue

The Farewell Circuit “The Light” Video!

The Farewell Circuit “Oh My God” Video!

The Farewell Circuit “Make It Right” Video!

“Make It Right (LIVE)” from The Farewell Circuit on Vimeo.

The New Standards “Call Your Boyfriend”

The New Standards “Sunday Morning Coming Down.”

The New Standards newest release “SUNDAY MORNING COMING DOWN” is a bit of a departure for the 7-year old ensemble. While still filled with unique covers delivered with their signature panache and tastefully askew musicality, this collection – as signaled by the more downbeat cover art, a beautifully stark portrait of Johnny Cash’s boyhood home by the art-star photographer Alec Soth – feels a bit more serious and lush. Part of this comes from the new use of other musical colors: a dab of strings, a sprinkle of percussion, footstomps and fingersnaps, but also stems undeniably from the musician’s personal travails of the last year, with both Chan and John losing loved ones in 2011. This collection feels deeper, and it covers a lot of ground, from the fully orchestrated tunes like Dan Hick’s “I Scare Myself” and the bossafied “Essence” by Lucinda Williams, to the stark and intimate trio pieces, Kris Kristofferson’s “Sunday Morning Coming Down” and the arid “The Golden Age” by Beck, produced by Grammy-Award winner Dan Wilson.

Sunday Morning Coming Down
(Princess Records, 2012)

01. Sunday Morning Coming Down     (Kris Kristofferson)
02. This Must Be The Place     (David Byrne/Chris Frantz/Tina Weymouth/Jerry Harrison)
03. Call your Boyfriend     (Robyn/Klas Ahluund/Alexander Fronlund)
04. I Scare Myself     (Dan Hicks)
05. Essence     (Lucinda Williams)
06. No Cars Go     (Regine Chassagnes/Edwin Butler)
07. After The Gold Rush     (Neil Young)
08. The Golden Age     (Beck Hansen)
09. And I Love Her     (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
10. The Book of Love     (Stephin Merritt)
11. One     (Harry Nilsson)
12. You’re Innocent When You Dream     (Tom Waits)

The Small Cities in Gourmet Magazine

The Small Cities get a little mention in Gourmet Magazine! Check it out here.